A private boudoir to fit your valentine gift?


Treat yourself to the perfect Valentine gift

A delightful 90-minute "Private Valentine" fitting and shopping session in a deliciously glamorous boudoir that you'll have all to yourself, surrounded by the latest erotic designer lingerie...
Yes, it's true that a private shopping sesh is a bit different than usual at the moment.
Only 1 person is allowed to visit at one time, and that also counts for the Pleasurements lingerie shop in Amsterdam...
But, you know what? This makes it all the more intimate, even more personal and above all, safer.

Come and try on your perfect, most gorgeous erotic lingerie in the Pleasurements boudoir that has been booked especially for you.
You can try on that beautiful designer lingerie while enjoying delicious rosé bubbles, delectable chocolates, refined scents, sensual tunes, and they even kindle the fireplace if you so wish...

Can you picture it already? Isn't that a delightful Valentine's Day gift for yourself?
And well, if you then take all your beautiful sexy goodies home and show it off to your beau on Valentine's Day then you will be your lover's blissfully wrapped Valentine's gift too... What a rrrravishing night that will be!

You can book your private shopping session right here mes chéries.