Valentine's night



I'm alone in his apartment, waiting for him. Tonight I am a present, his Valentine's surprise. It's already dark outside and the spacious loft is dimly lit. I see myself, reflected in the wide glass wall. I look at my silhouette, my curves. My spectacular outfit.

The Coco de Mer Cordia bra is a bold work of art in a warm dark red color, silk with lush lace. The provocative low quarter cups give my breasts a subtle lift and a sexy natural look. The Cherry Double Chain pasties from Fraulein Kink cover my nipples. The Cordia brief does not look as tantalizing at first glance, but the back shows a bit of my bum and reveals that the crotch is open. I wear the Amoralle Grand Robe over it, black, beautifully transparent; the feathers on the lapel only just cover my bosom. Towering high pumps, in burgundy-red suede, with a glossy black stiletto-heel complete my outfit.

Slowly I walk past the dark floor to ceiling windows. In the mirrored windows I see the lines of my long slender legs, high on my stiletto heels. The robe lies over my skin like a shadow. I hear him coming in behind me. I turn around and wait for him to see me. He looks surprised and delighted. I sashay towards him. Greeting him with a kiss. Just one.

I let him pull at the belt off my robe, revealing my almost naked breasts, my round hips and long legs. The robe glides down my shoulders onto the hard floor. I start to undo the buttons on his shirt. Helping him undress completely. He puts his hands on my hips, but I take a step back and gesture that he has to wait.

He will have to be patient. I have an extra surprise for him: leather handcuffs, also from Fraulein Kink. Thick golden letters on the leather cuffs promise him what he hopes to get: SEX. He willingly lets me close both his wrists in the shiny patent leather and attach them to the back of the lounge sofa. He is lying on his back, naked, stretched out. Fully surrendered to me.

Slowly I walk back and forth. The elegant golden chains dangling from my bosom, sway and sparkle with every movement of my upper body. They slide down my wrists when I lift my breasts with both hands, high and round and full. His body reacts, I see that he's getting aroused very swiftly. I sit down opposite him, at first with my legs prudishly closed, then I spread them, slowly but surely. I show my crotchless brief, my nakedness. His breathing accelerates and audibly so. His excitement is growing even bigger, the muscles of his shoulders and arms tighten, but he cannot go anywhere, he cannot free himself from the tension in his body. I put a finger in my mouth, moisten it and then go down between my spread thighs and play with myself while he watches.

Then I think he waited long enough. That I myself have waited long enough. I get up and sit on my knees on the couch, across his yearning body. I take his manhood in my hand, warm and hard and big. I slowly lower myself, feel him going deep inside me. I lean forward, gently rocking my breasts, the golden chains glide down his cheeks. The tender skin of my breasts stays just out of reach of his lips. I sit up and ride him. Patient, slow, deep and intense. I see him fully succumbing to it, he cannot help it. Suddenly I see that his whole body tenses up, his eyes wide. We look at each other and at the same time feel the explosion of utter pleasure, I throw my head back, a shriek of ecstasy escaping from my lips.

A moment later I lie on top of him, my cheek on his sweatsoaked chest. His breathing is calm again, I can hear his heart pounding. I am still glowing with excitement. His warmth, his scent - I can't get enough of it. His voice gets me out of my satisfied intoxication. "Will you release me now…?"
I look at him with a smile.
"Oh no…I'm not done with you yet…"


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Images: Pleasurements & Pinterest