Vegan leather yumminess


DSTM - Don't Shoot The Messengers

We're just such big fans!
How can you not be a full-on admirer of anything that DSTM or Don't Shoot The Messengers come up with?
Not only is their design esthetic mighty pleasing to the eye and certainly something we haven't seen before, but next to that they care…
They care about us, our bodies, our love-style and the planet!

All their lush exclusive lingerie, luxury nightwear & sexy ready-to-wear is magnificently sustainable, made solely out of eco-friendly materials…
They might prefer black for their high-end lingerie, but DSTM has a heart of gold for sure.

Vegan Leather Lingerie

Faux leather, or vegan leather lingerie will rock your palate and your body exquisitely.
It just has such a bold erotic lingerie vibe with that leathery sheen and in the right hands, it's beautifully molded and crafted into delicious, sublime high-end lingerie.
The right hands of course being those of DSTM.

Maya by DSTM in the Pleasurements webshop

DSTM has created this wonderfully striking Vegan Leather lingerie collection, called Maya.
In this collection, you'll find a fabulicious vegan leather bra, a ravishingly sexy leather thong and to finish it off an enticingly erotic suspender belt.
It truly is quite a bit of what we can call, works of erotic lingerie art!
Just imagine this vegan leather lingerie on your gorgeous bod?
Maya's eco-friendly, sustainable, delicious vegan leather lingerie collection is absolutely irresistible…
That's why Pleasurements had to also add the Maya collection by DSTM to their erotic lingerie webshop.

Dress up, don't dress down

Let's do this!
Let's make sure that we come out of the rut, now we're staying at home as much as we need to…
The rut entailing the temptation to aimlessly wander through the house wearing yoga pants, slippers and that oversized hole-littered top.
Sex it up! Switch it up, cause there is always joy in donning yourself in things of utter beauty.
Why not wear that stunning faux leather lingerie by DSTM to start with?
And if you want to be able to pass your windows without tantalizing your neighbours too much or raise their temperature, wear that sublime Lota dress by DSTM over your vegan leather lingerie attire…

Stay Home
Stay Safe
Dress Up
Don't dress down