Wasting time with you


I know. I ended it between us. But the intense longing doesn't pass. It was not the sex. The sex was good. Real good! But to live together, there has to be more then just really good sex. To not loose each others respect ánd friendship, I broke it off. But I do wonder if I was a little too quick to break up with you?

His scrumptious body, his scent, his hands, his lips. All felt so lush. We melted into one another. When I relax, it all comes floading back. Those glorious nights together. No sense of time. Only when dawn came, we became conscious of time passing us by. Wasting time with you, was no time wasted.

The sun is shining. I pour myself a Chardonnay and sit myself outside. It takes less than a minute, before you enter my thoughts with vigor. But I'm letting it happen, the thoughts are after all still utter bliss. Suddenly my enticing reverie is interrupted by an app. Slightly annoyed I pick up my phone, curiosity always wins. Always.

YOU app: "Do you want to go to the beach with me?" I respond "YES."

I am going offline. I will blog again the day after tomorrow. Maybe ;)

I am going to waste some heavenly time with you!


Images: Pinterest