Bordelle Merida

Explore rousing hot Mexican summer nights with Bordelle's latest bondage lingerie fashion collection Merida. An extraordinary range with bold satin elastic straps, ultra-soft stretch sheer mesh, and opulent 24k gold plated details. Bordelle Merida is available in the striking new colorway light blue, beautiful burgundy red, and classic black. 

Bordelle Merida
Merida Suspender Light Blue
€ 224 € 319 Bordelle
Merida Soft Cup Bra Light Blue
€ 210 € 299 Bordelle
Bondage Webbed Garters Black
€ 139 Bordelle

Bordelle Merida

Discover Bordelle's latest bondage lingerie collection of AW2021, Merida, and let Bordelle take you to rousing hot Mexican summer nights with three colorways inspired by the Mexican architecture. The classic black is effortlessly mixed & matchable with your Bordelle signatures, while the burgundy red and dusty blue are a striking new addition to your luxury bondage lingerie ensemble. 

Bordelle Merida features angular strap detailing with wide satin elastic bands and soft, stretchy mesh to contour and flatter the female figure. The mesh used for the Merida collection is a recycled material with an eye on Bordelle's ethical lingerie vision. So that the soft mesh is a wearable take on bondage lingerie that feels both amazing on the body and your conscience. The additional layering bodywear like the mini dress and mini skirt gives a new dimension to your luxury erotic lingerie styling, without losing Bordelle's bondage-aesthetic out of sight. Of course, 24k gold plated hardware is an opulent finishing touch with oversized o-rings, hook-and-eye fastenings, and, of course, the zipper closers. 

So mix and match Merida endlessly with the wide choice of bras, panties, suspenders, garters, additional bodywear, and accessories in your favorite color; classic black, beautiful burgundy, or ocean dusty blue. And experience those rousing hot Mexican summer nights for yourself with Bordelle Merida.