Leather ones, ones with delicate golden chains, satin ones, jeweled ones, you'll look stunning inside and outside the bedroom with our harnesses by the most celebrated erotic lingerie designers.

Art Deco Harness Black
€ 119 Bordelle
Merida Multi Strap Harness Black
€ 209 Bordelle
Merida Harness Light Blue
€ 209 Bordelle

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Merida Multi Strap Harness Light Blue
€ 209 Bordelle
Art Deco Harness Caramel
€ 119 Bordelle
Asobi Harness Caramel
€ 259 Bordelle
Merida Harness Burgundy
€ 209 Bordelle
Merida Multi Strap Harness Burgundy
€ 209 Bordelle

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Art Deco Harness Ivory
€ 119 Bordelle

The perfect armor for an adventurous love affair is a harness from Pleasurements. A harness...a beautiful one and if you like, a cheeky bit of adornment for your gorgeous body. An indulgement for the boudoir, but also highly exquisitely worn over your outerwear.

What is a harness?

A harness is a part of your luxury lingerie look as lingerie accessories that you can wear in combination with a bra, or beautifully bare without a bra. Harnesses are strappy lingerie garments to serve as a cupless top, but many times also as an open bottom. Harnesses can feature satin elastic straps, delicate laces, exquisite leather, or even 14c gold.

We've got a wide variety of harnesses to gratify every flavor gloriously. All these gems are, of course, carefully picked, and made from stunning materials by magnificent erotic lingerie brands. Like Bordelle, The Model Traitor, Maison Close, Fraulein Kink, Tisja Damen, and, of course, yours truly....harnesses from our very own Pleasurements private label.

Embellish yourselves with a harness made of delicate golden chains, or garnish yourself with a strappy harness by the likes of Bordelle. Go for a more brazen look with a leather one, or are you more a lacy racy type perhaps? All exquisite, all made with meticulous craftmanship, all for you!

Lingerie accessories are an indulgence for the bedroom, over your most beautiful exclusive lingerie, or something to spruce up your outerwear and elevate your gorgeous luxury look. For example, show a little hint of lace from your strappy harness underneath a blouse. Or even wear your harness over a top or dress.