Pasties & Nipplets

Add some theater to your boudoir antics, with our sexy pasties & nipplets. Show off your playful, naughty side and tease to please! Discover pasties & nipplets by designers like Bordelle, Fraulein Kink, The Model Traitor, and many other exclusive lingerie designers.

24K Gold Plated 'O' Nipplets
€ 189 Bordelle
Acrylic Nipplets Black
€ 79 Bordelle
'O' Enamel Nipplets Red
€ 159 Bordelle
'O' Enamel Nipplets Ivory
€ 159 Bordelle
24K Gold Plated Nipplets
€ 179 Bordelle

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Ritsy Leather Pasties Black
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'O' Enamel Nipplets Black
€ 159 Bordelle
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Ricco Leather Pasties Black
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Ritsy Marabou Pasties Black
€ 109 Fräulein Kink
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We've all seen them on a stage, admired the theatrics, the sexiness... The sexiness of a burlesque show, tassles twirling, stimulating our wondrous erotic fantasies. Nothing screams more Burlesque than a pair of sassy nipple covers, pasties, or nipplets.

What are pasties or nipplets?

Pasties or nipplets are coverings for your nipples. There are leather pasties, 24k gold plated nipplets, chain or tassel pasties, and much more. Some pasties are attached to one another with golden or silver chains. They are erotic lingerie accessories to pair up with an open bra, cupless top, harness, quarter cup bra, or shelf bra. You can put on a pair of nipple covers with special body glue or fashion tape. It does not matter if your lovely ladies are small or full, pasties make each and every bosom blossom. 

Our pasties & nipplets are must-haves to adorn your erotic lingerie with the likes of that highly fashionable luxurious open bra by one of the most exclusive lingerie designers. Or maybe you prefer to wear some gorgeous luxury body jewelry, like a beautiful high-end golden harness, instead of a bra, to go with these gorgeous pasties & nipplets.

Our leather pasties by Bordelle, tassel, or Swarovski nipple covers by Fraulein Kink are famous for their glamour, elegance, and sexiness. They come in black, red, gold, and ivory, one for every erotic lingerie look. Pasties are a must-have for every ladies' boudoir — eroticism in its most luxurious form.

Grace your lovely nipples and steal the show in sumptuous style with these gorgeous, sexy, luxury bosom buddies.