Boost your erotic bondage playtime with our finest luxury restraints. Discover our leather cuffs, bondage ropes, and restraints by designer brands such as The Model Traitor, Fraulein Kink, and other affluent, bold, bondage lingerie designers...

Kayla Leather Choker with Leash Black
€ 99 Mariemur
Ricco Bondage Lasso 5M.
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Nero Pom Bondage Lasso Black
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Caviar Bondage Lasso Black
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Bianco Bondage Lasso Ivory
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Leather Ball Gag Brown
€ 89 Coco de Mer
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Play Wrist Cuffs Gold 14c
€ 599 Pleasurements
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Kiss Rouge Bondage Lasso
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Ritsy Bondage Lasso Black
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Cherry Bondage Lasso Red
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Cherie Bondage Lasso Rose
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So our love for gorgeous strappy bondage lingerie goes quite deep, right? We love the bondage look together with its luxury bondage accessories, but then with an exquisite sense of high-end luxury and class. 

What are restraints?

Discover beautiful leather handcuffs, ankle restraints, leather leads, 14 carate gold restraints, silky bondage ropes with Swarovski crystal-embellished tips, and so much more. Leather restraints set a powerful tone with 24k gold plated details as a luxurious finishing touch. After seeing our rousing bondage, you will be longing for some restraint.

Is bondage or BDSM play something for me? 

To be bound or bind with these items is such a high-class way to play the bondage game and with exquisite pleasure. Whether you are quite advanced in BDSM play or if restraints are all new to you, we indulge you with luxury bondage no sub or dom could resist.

Some of our restraints don't want to be restrained to the bedroom only. There're many ways to wear some of these restraints, like the cuffs. When you remove the lustrous chains, you've got beautiful bangles or wristbands to spruce up any bondage lingerie outfit for not just in the bedroom, but also outside the boudoir.

Be bold and surrender to these stunning shackles to play your erotic bondage game or to embellish your exclusive lingerie outfit to a tee.
Be spellbound by the luxurious bondage accessory magic by masters like The Model Traitor, Coco de Mer, Fraulein Kink & Bracli, and, of course, Pleasurements Private label with 14c gold plated restraints and body jewelry.