Coco de Mer

Explore your wildest pleasures with luxury lingerie and BDSM accessories by Coco de Mer. In love with lace lingerie? Or do you prefer erotic lingerie? With Coco de Mer’s fabulous collections, you won’t have to choose. Discover exclusive seasonal lingerie lines or one of Coco de Mer’s timeless classics.

Lucida Open Halter Bra Light Blue
€ 229 Coco de Mer

Do you desire to explore your wildest fantasies with erotic lingerie & luxury bondage? 

Well, Coco de Mer takes the lead in exploring your deepest desires and breaks all boundaries if it comes to your erotic imagination. Coco de Mer exhilarates the mind, body, and soul with a free-thinking ideology, whether you're a sub or dom.

Eroticism is key to Coco de Mer. So they offer both the exploring beginner and the more experienced player a complete package. With their enticing exclusive lingerie, luxury BDSM accessories, and high-end adult toys collection, Coco de Mer wants to ensure an unforgettable journey filled with unlimited pleasures. All senses are awakened with a delicious combination of fashion, sensuality, and erotica, which beautifully blend in together in a decadent mix. Like us, Coco de Mer knows that love isn't blind.

Take their exclusive lingerie collection; it's extraordinary. Coco de Mer lingerie is majestic, elegant, and hot as hell. A mood-setter for sure. Only the finest materials like French laces and Italian silks are being used for their exclusive lingerie collection. Combine this with mindblowing designs, and you have a powerful and sexy lingerie collection that demands an audience. So when prancing around in Coco de Mer lingerie, you know you'll be noticed. Nothing is more irresistible than a strong-minded woman who feels confident and beautiful in her skin. 

Besides exclusive lingerie, Coco de Mer also offers a wide range of luxury BDSM accessories and high-end adult toys. Both collections complete each other perfectly with vintage-inspired designs and dark brown packages. All BDSM accessories are made of dark brown cowhide, butter-soft lamb's leather, luxurious suede, and strong brass hardware. This matches perfectly with the dark brown, high-end Coco de Mer adult toy collection, which is a joy for both the eyes and body. So when it's time to enrich your erotic play, Coco de Mer tickles to the max.

As you can see, the vision of Coco de Mer is similar to ours. And therefore, we believe that Pleasurements and Coco de Mer are a match made in heaven. We are very proud to work with this marvelous London based designer brand that embraces sexual pleasure as we do.

We hope you'll fall addictively in love with BDSM craftsmanship of Coco de Mer. Enjoy shopping their stunning BDSM accessories collection and high-end adult toys. And very soon, the incredible, exclusive Coco de Mer lingerie collection. We wish you unlimited fantasies and enduring pleasures!