Loveday London

Are you ready for a hardcore romance? Discover Loveday London’s exquisite luxury and erotic lingerie designs. The Loveday London signature we all adore is the ultra-soft lambskin leather lingerie, often combined with French leavers lace, sensual silk, or Italian sheer mesh. Start your very own hardcore romance with luxurious leather lingerie by Loveday London.

Hardcore romance with leather lingerie by Loveday London

Wander around in a world of hardcore romance with leather lingerie by high-end lingerie designer Loveday London and discover the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired...

One of Pleasurements' bestselling lingerie brands is Loveday London. Loveday London is, as you might already think, a London based lingerie brand that offers a wide range of luxury lingerie, erotic lingerie, luxury nightwear, lingerie-inspired outerwear, and boudoir accessories such as alluring candles, seductive blindfolds and captivating pillows. But Loveday London is best known for its exquisite lambskin leather lingerie designs.

Each Loveday London garment is designed with the greatest eye for detail and made by hand in their U.K. based atelier. This to ensure the highest quality and a perfect fit. With their innovating "easy sizing," buying the correct size is made so much easier. The adjustable straps not only ensure a perfect fit but also looks very attractive. "Easy sizing" is the latest trend in luxury lingerie, and here at Pleasurements, we adore this. Say goodbye to tightly fitted lingerie that not always compliments the female body.

Another reason why Pleasurements adores Loveday London is its unique combination of luxurious materials. Only the finest laces are being used, and something that always returns in their collections is their signature lambskin leather finishing touch. We hear you think; Isn't leather mostly used for fetish wear? At Loveday London, they know how to create lovely designs with a bold edge, thanks to super-soft Lambskin leather, which adorns the feminine figure in a most elegant and sensual way. Loveday London uses rich materials to create high-end leather lingerie, suited for everybody who has the desire to compliment the female body.

This stunning combo ensures eye-catching luxury lingerie. Each Loveday London piece is designed as an homage to the female body. Elegant lingerie with a provocative twist to it.

Loveday London truly is a tribute to your love life. With their stunning leather lingerie, gorgeous nightwear, and beautiful boudoir accessories, they know how to set the mood.

Discover the latest Loveday London lingerie fashion collections here at Pleasurements.