Marjolaine, luxury nightwear from France - The French fine luxury nightwear brand Marjolaine stands for female elegance. Marjolaine nightwear is timeless, seductive, creative, feminine and quite sophisticated.

All luxury nightwear garments by Marjolaine are made by 100% silk or rich French Chantilly lace. Some silk showpieces are adorned with French leavers lace from Calais to ensure a comfortable fit while looking sensuous. The lace incrustation is a real piece of art, for it is cut and laid by hand. 

We hear you think; What is French Chantilly lace? This is a high end quality of lace with a rich and delicate look & feel. 

The quality is outstanding and the collection is always innovative with styles like camisoles, baby dolls, nightdresses, slipdresses, chemises, robes, gowns, shorts, tops, kimono's, etc.

Marjolaine experiments with exciting patterns and new colour-ways to create stunning pieces of luxury nightwear. Perfect for women who want to feel feminine even when enjoying the comfort of staying in.

This gorgeous luxury nightwear designer brand is a true family company founded over 70 years ago, which results in beautiful original craftmanship by the oldest manufacturing techniques. Yet innovation is key at Marjolaine, for recent manufacturing methods guarantee high end quality and fashionable styles make you fall in love with the luxurious showpieces.

Marjolaine aspires to speak to all women with their wide range of models, materials and designs. 

Discover both the fashion and the classic Marjolaine nightwear collection at Pleasurements. The classics will be restocked all year long while fashion collections have limited stock during each season. Collections that can be ordered all year long are Laser, Oda & Soie Unie

Gemma Teddy Dark Blue & Black
€ 329 Marjolaine
Gemma Slip Dress Beige & Ivory
€ 369 Marjolaine
Gemma Slip Dress Dark Blue & Black
€ 369 Marjolaine
Etincelle Silk Slip Dress Lotus & Black
€ 189 € 269 Marjolaine
Egerie Slip Dress Black
€ 196 € 279 Marjolaine
Etincelle Slip Dress Black & Nude
€ 154 € 219 Marjolaine
Etincelle Slip Dress Lotus & Black
€ 154 € 219 Marjolaine
Laser Silk Robe Antique Pink
€ 160 € 199 Marjolaine
Laser Silk Robe Emerald Green
€ 199 Marjolaine
Soie Unie Silk Short Antique Pink
€ 89 Marjolaine
Soie Unie Silk Short Emerald Green
€ 89 Marjolaine
Egerie Silk Short Green & Black
€ 152 € 189 Marjolaine
Egerie Silk Short Antique Pink & Black
€ 152 € 189 Marjolaine
Egerie Silk Top Green & Black
€ 160 € 199 Marjolaine
Egerie Silk Top Antique Pink & Black
€ 160 € 199 Marjolaine
Egerie Silk Nightgown Green & Black
€ 368 € 459 Marjolaine
Soie Unie Silk Pyjama Black & Gold
€ 320 € 399 Marjolaine
Soie Unie Silk Pyjama Ivory & Black
€ 320 € 399 Marjolaine