Sylvie Monthulé

Bring your rousing fantasies to life with the ultimate erotic jewelry & lingerie by Sylvie Monthulé. Ooze luxury with these exclusive erotic jewels strapped around your hips. Discover the stimulating touch and seductive sight of erotic body jewelry by Sylvie Monthule, all handmade with exquisite craftsmanship in France.

Satin Night Cupless Bra Black & Gold
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The Breath of Isis Breasts Necklace Gold
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Sylvie Monthulé luxury erotic jewelry

Discover this exquisite, intimate jewelry brand from France established in 1995, Sylvie Monthulé. She named her great erotic lingerie brand after herself, Sylvie Monthulé. Monthulé created over 600 erotic jewels to complement the female body. With each new collection, Sylvie Monthulé hopes to surprise, stimulate, and seduce you.

Her erotic French lingerie and erotic jewelry are all designed and fabricated in her atelier in Paris, to ensure high-end quality by exquisite craftsmanship. Sylvie Monthulé is very proud of the “artisanal side,” whereas all stages of manufacturing, from model to handmade finishing touch, are all made in France.

With more than 23 years of experience, Sylvie Monthulé knows not only how to create refined beauty but also provides emotion, pleasure, and enjoyment. Each body jewel is an invitation to secret love games, filled with mystery and sensuality. 

Here at Pleasurements, we adore exclusive luxury lingerie and dazzling erotic body jewelry, Sylvie Monthulé is a perfect combination of both. Sylvie Monthulé is as luxurious as all our other exclusive lingerie brands, as sparkling as our boudoir accessories and as pleasurable as our instruments of pleasures.

If you fully want to enjoy the pleasures of Pleasurements in your boudoir?
Sylvie Monthulé is the perfect buy for you. The ideal combo of erotic lingerie & body jewelry.