The Model Traitor

The Model Traitor is bondage at its best. This designer brand from the U.K. seduces us with its luxury bondage, fine erotics, and erotic lingerie. All garments by The Model Traitor are finished with gold-plated hardware. So, cage your figure in sexy satin elastic strappy bondage lingerie and surrender to your lover’s every desire with luxury BDSM accessories like leather collars, leather cuffs, and ropes.

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The Model Traitor bondage lingerie, fine erotics, BDSM accessories, and erotic lingerie from the United Kingdom

The Model Traitor is a brand new classic S&M brand based in London and already concurred the world of luxury BDSM by storm. Here at Pleasurements, we adore their fabulous designs. Every item by The Model Traitor is refined with an elegant and daring touch to it.

You might think; I never tried BDSM before, is The Model Traitor something for me?
The answer is yes, yes, and yes. There is a difference between soft and hard BDSM, and with luxury bondage, by The Model Traitor, you are free to discover this tempting world all for yourself(s). All erotic lingerie and bondage accessories can be used by both beginners and advanced.

The Model Traitor creates its fabulous designs only with the finest materials to ensure high-end quality and luxurious look & feel. Indulge in signature components, like real leather, satin elastic straps, gold plated hardware, and real pony hair. 

It truly is a posh S&M brand that stands for strong femininity in the most sensuous and classy way possible. Each collar, restraint, cuff, or whip is a powerful design that oozes richness, style, and beauty. Luxury leather restraints for perfect use in the art of bondage. The Model Traitor is fashionable and so much fun. Fans of pony play, this sinfully alluring bondage brand is a perfect match for you. Did you already have a look at their stunning pony collection? Genuine pony hair has been used. 

Discover a wide range of bondage lingerie and BDSM accessories, like collars, harnesses, ouverts, suspenders, cuffs, pasties, bras, restraints, and much more. Make a bold, provocative fashion statement and pair up one of these stunners. 

Shop your luxury bondage by The Model Traitor at Pleasurements and bring your BDSM fantasy to life.