Tisja Damen

At Pleasurements we are very proud to announce designer Tisja Damen.

Our very first own Pleasurements luxury lingerie collection was co-designed by this creative mastermind. Now she has spread her wings, and she will leave you in awe with her very own enticing luxury lingerie collection, Tisja Damen Lingerie. 

This Amsterdam based exclusive lingerie brand will leave you in absolute awe. Each piece is carefully crafted with the most exceptional attention for detail and the use of the most delicate fabrics. For all her designs, she uses excellent materials such as super soft, delicate silk from England, Italian Leavers lace and French Chantilly lace. Besides beauty and quality in her luxury lingerie, Tisja Damen stands for sustainability in her manufacturing process.

You might think; What makes lingerie environmentally friendly? Well, all items are manufactured with a timeless quality, Tisja Damen uses remaining materials as inspiration, not as waste, all companies are located in Europe and transport is less and shorter. 

Ethicality and the environment are highly valued at Tisja Damen, and that's why she tells us "Created with love and treated by heart…" and "Stay delicately to keep telling stories endlessly...". That's why nature is such a great source of inspiration for her.

The silhouettes of each design will enchant you. Gorgeous patchwork enhances your femininity in a romantic yet fashionable way. Bold designs made to be shown off. Don't hide a Tisja Damen Lingerie beauty but flaunt it and show the world your great sense for style.

It's exclusive lingerie designed to tell a story. Follow this beautiful story and reveal your inner sensuous self. Emphasize your femininity and fall head over heels in love with a Tisja Damen original. Her story, a fascinating tale of love and passion, will take you on an adventurous journey.

 Are you ready to write your very own story....?

Spirit Harness Ouvert Brief Burgundy
€ 139 Tisja Damen
Spirit Longline Bralette Burgundy
€ 149 Tisja Damen
Ophelia Off The Shoulder Accessory Ivory
€ 59 Tisja Damen
Ophelia Off The Shoulder Accessory Black
€ 59 Tisja Damen
Angel or Siren Ouvert Brief Ivory
€ 169 Tisja Damen
Angel or Siren Longline Bra Ivory
€ 219 Tisja Damen
Techniques of Love Waistline Black
€ 109 Tisja Damen
Techniques of Love Suspender Black
€ 169 Tisja Damen
Techniques of Love Bralette Black
€ 229 Tisja Damen
Angel or Siren Ouvert Brief Black
€ 169 Tisja Damen
Angel or Siren Longline Bra Black
€ 219 Tisja Damen
Mystique Ouvert Brief Black & Green
€ 178 € 179 Tisja Damen