Fancy a glance at our very sexy, luxurious lingerie slips collection? Let our gorgeous array of slip dresses, nightdresses & nightgowns by exclusive lingerie & designer nightwear brands enchant you. Sexy slips by Marjolaine, Amoralle, or any other of our great exclusive lingerie designers, are made with love...

Soie Unie Silk Slip Dress Black
€ 219 Marjolaine
Infinity Maxi Slip Dress Black
€ 339 Ludique
Nymphe Slip Dress Pink & Violet
€ 249 Marjolaine
Nina Long Dress Blush & Beige
€ 279 Marjolaine
Nymphe Long Dress Blush & Black
€ 329 Marjolaine

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Noor Slip Dress Black & Fleurs
€ 161 € 229 Marjolaine
Lilitus Mini See Through Dress
€ 229 Ludique
Milia Midi Slip Dress Fading Black
€ 289 Marjolaine
Milia Slip Dress Ombre
€ 133 € 189 Marjolaine

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Designer nightwear slips

Entree the boudoir like a Beauty and sleep in style with Pleasurements' sexy slips, slip dresses, nightdresses, and nightgowns. Whether you're looking for designer lingerie slip dresses with that Hollywood drama, a bedazzling basic, or anything in between, we have it for you. So slip into something sexy tonight, only to find out you never want to take your slip dress off ones you've indulged in the sensually soft touch of pure silk.

When do you wear a lingerie slip?

A sensual, sexy slip dress for the bedroom, or maybe you love wearing one of these beauts with your outerwear? Nothing adds more glamour to your red carpet look than a long silk dress or gown. 

Slip dresses or nightgowns made from the finest materials, by exquisite, exclusive lingerie & nightwear designers like Marjolaine, Coco de Mer, Maison Close, and Amoralle, are like a dream... You'll have a cloud nine-feeling, a second skin-feeling even, with just the way a slip dress or nightgown from our collection graces your beautiful body...

What kind of different sexy slips are there?

Silk, delicate lace and sheer sexy tulle will embrace your curves so gorgeously. Intricate lace designs, fabulous colors, they're sexy, erotic, sensual, and there is a slip dress or nightgown for every flavor. Discover brand new sexy slips fashion collections by the most exclusive nightwear designers or set your eyes on one of our classic nightwear designs, timeless and elegant. Magnificence in every stitch and every fiber for when you love dipping yourself in high-end luxury lingerie & nightwear. Will you choose a long nightgown or a short nightdress, a silk slip dress or a lace slip dress, or when this choice is too difficult to make, indulge yourself with all the luxury lingerie slips you can wish for.