Silk Lingerie

Silk lingerie is so soft and luxurious ... Silk dances around your body! Enjoy the refined feeling of silk lingerie and silk nightwear from designers such as Marjolaine, Studia Pia, Amoralle and Cadolle.

Silk Lingerie
Rachel with Lace High Waist Brief Black
€ 239 Cadolle

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When you adore luxury, you must own a set of silk lingerie or some silk nightwear. Why? Because silk lingerie is the most sensual, sexy look with the most comfortable, soft feeling. At Pleasurements, we proudly introduce our carefully selected collection of exclusive lingerie made from pure silk.

What is silk lingerie?

Luxury silk lingerie from Pleasurements covers all lingerie garments from silk slips to bras, and from panties to suspenders. All pieces are handcrafted from pure silk, and some items are even organic silk. Now, you might think, what is organic silk? Organic cruelty-free silk means that the real silk is made without killing the silkworm. Some of our exclusive lingerie designs are entirely made from silk, while others feature silk-wrapped straps.

Silk is 100% natural and fits smoothly around you; it gives a luxurious feeling that cannot be compared with any other fabric. Silk lingerie is loved because of its shine and soft texture but is also expensive since it takes a lot of effort to produce silk. A silk night dress or sexy silk lingerie is, therefore, a real investment. To cherish. Wash it by hand and give it a worthy place in your wardrobe. And you can enjoy your silk lingerie for a long, long time ...

Ones you have experienced the feeling of real silk lingerie or nightwear yourself, you will be addicted and long for nothing less. There is no touch softer than those silky sensations by Studio PIA, Marjolaine, Amoralle, Coco de Mer, or Cadolle.