Silk Lingerie

Silk lingerie is so soft and luxurious ... Silk dances around your body! Enjoy the refined feeling of silk lingerie and silk nightwear from designers such as Marjolaine, Studia Pia, Amoralle and Cadolle.

Silk Lingerie
Gemma Silk Short Grey & Black
€ 169 Marjolaine

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Gemma Silk Slip Dress Fuchsia & Red
€ 289 Marjolaine
Gemma Silk Robe Fuchsia & Red
€ 399 Marjolaine

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Silk is 100% natural and fits smoothly around you; it gives a luxurious feeling that cannot be compared with any other fabric. Silk lingerie is loved because of its shine and soft texture, but is also expensive, since it takes a lot of effort to produce silk. A silk night dress or silk lingerie is, therefore, a real investment. To cherish. Wash it by hand and give it a worthy place in your wardrobe. And you can enjoy your silk lingerie for a long, long time ...