Strappy Lingerie

Discover a wide range of strappy lingerie, also known as bondage lingerie, here at Pleasurements. Strappy lingerie looks incredibly sexy wrapped around you, and the best thing about Pleasurements' strappy lingerie brands, like Bordelle, Studio PIA, The Model Traitor, and Maison Close, is that all sexy straps are fully adjustable to guarantee a perfect fit.

Strappy Lingerie
Botanica Suspender Burgundy
€ 217 € 309 Bordelle
Botanica Strap Thong Burgundy
€ 126 € 179 Bordelle

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Art Deco Harness Black
€ 119 Bordelle
Bondage Belle Longline Bralette Ivory
€ 389 Bordelle
Art Deco Ouvert Strap Brief Ivory
€ 129 Bordelle
Webbed Suspender Black
€ 209 Bordelle

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Pleasurements is thé exclusive erotic lingerie boutique with designer brands and luxury bondage lingerie. Perfect for the self-conscious woman who isn't afraid to flaunt her beautiful figure. Strappy lingerie is the latest luxury lingerie trend.

What is strappy lingerie?

Well, strappy lingerie contains all erotic lingerie garments that feature sexy straps. Of course, all lingerie garments feature straps, but what makes it strappy lingerie is the use of strapping in the complete design. So not just a shoulder strap on a bra, but also straps over the bust or several more in the back is what makes it a strappy bra. 

The best way to discover strappy lingerie is to check out our exclusive selection of luxury strappy lingerie.

To guarantee Pleasurements' high-end quality and sustainability, the straps from our lingerie designers feature satin elastic material or even pure silk-wrapped elastic straps. Strappy lingerie should compliment the female figure. While strappy lingerie might have an image of unflattering designs only suited for super slim women, we aim to show you otherwise. Strappy lingerie should be for every body; that's why all of our erotic lingerie features straps that are fully adjustable to a perfect fit. 

Lingerie lovers know that strappy lingerie is super addictive because it is not all black strappy lingerie. Our sexy straps also come in red, ivory, caramel, burgundy, navy blue, pink, coral-colored, or even embroidered. And not all straps are made from satin elastic. Some strappy lingerie even features extra luxurious silk straps. All with the strong, self-conscience, provocative femme fatale in mind who loves to flatter her figure with sexy strappy lingerie. 

One of the biggest trendsetters in the strappy lingerie style is designer brand Bordelle. Their sexy bandage dresses and bondage lingerie designs flatter the female body into perfection because of the impeccable fit. And discover other famous strappy lingerie brands like The Model Traitor, Studio PIA, Maison Close, and many others. Whether you're more into bondage lingerie or lace lingerie, we have all the straps you need here at Pleasurements.

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