Sian Suspender Honey

Designer:Edge O' Beyond
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Discover the Sian Suspender, more captivating than honey. It effortlessly captures all attention. The amalgamation of gold and crimson delicately embraces your skin through a distinctive honeycomb embroidery, enriched with a subtle floral scalloped edge. The grand cutouts are designed to enthrall, ensuring your assets are adorned in regal splendor. Adorned with delicate bees, the Sian Suspender evokes sheer delight, prompting your heart to take flight. Perfected with adjustable crown-edged strapping and embellished with luxurious 24k gold hardware, Sian epitomizes the pinnacle of opulence and sophistication.

- Detach any jewelry attachments before washing; - Hand wash cold using a specialist lingerie laundry detergent; - Be aware that hot washing can easily shrink your lingerie; - Never use fabric conditioner on silk items, as this can deteriorate the fabric; - Whilst washing, fasten the hook and eyes to avoid them catching on anything; - Do not wring your garment. Air-dry your lingerie by hanging it, or laying it on a flat, clean surface; - To avoid any misshaping, ensure you re-shape foam cups whilst damp; - Do not be tempted to tumble dry or use any excessive heat.

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