An erotic story by s.


Big Little Secrets

...There was a new kid in town called Big Little Secrets (BLS). Jorna, one of the organizers, invited me to attend this first edition of BLS on Saturday 23 March. An erotic party by Big Little Secrets described itself as being sultry, exciting, naughty, lavish, big and cushy. An event that suits me perfectly, I am always in for some adventure.

With great and utter pleasurable anticipation, I started preparing for this sexy event. I was taking my boyfriend and persuaded my Bff Anne to come too together with her lover Maarten. First things first, what to wear? The dress code for men is a suit, women in sexy lingerie and this is exactly the thing I get so terribly excited about. I can't resist men in suits and I love (women in) lingerie: it totally brings out my inner sex kitten!

There was no doubt about it, I was going to score my beautiful, exclusive lingerie at Pleasurements, my all-time favorite lingerie shop in Amsterdam. With the beautiful Ophelia Halter Bra, together with a great "off the shoulder" accessory, a matching thong, a dream of a set of suspenders and a set of garters. I can't resist the uniquely beautiful, romantic, sensual, exclusive lingerie designs by Tisja Damen, I am a genuine superfan. Now that I had shopped this fabulisciousness, I of course couldn’t wait to wear this devil-lushly, angelic ensemble to that naughty event.

It was D-day, Anne and I were getting ready and ready for it. When we arrived at the party, the red carpet was rolled out and Jorna welcomed us with a big smile on her face. It was cold outside, but the tension that had built itself up inside me, made me feel plenty hot and it could potentially turn into a proper inferno, if I didn’t watch out...

Once inside, we changed into the erotically bold, desired dress code and I felt intensely sexy in my beautiful designer lingerie. And then those wonderful suspenders from Tisja Damen that stretched so lushly around my buttocks and thighs. On my towering, killer heels, I paraded around in this high-end candy store and feasted my eyes, taking in all the gorgeous bods and allthe details. The Veronica boat in the north of Amsterdam, where the party was being held, crackled with sexy ambiance, but it still looked pleasant and cushy. It felt like a "normal" club. I will tell you a secret, it was not the first time I’d been to an erotic party. Nevertheless, I was still slightly tense, it isn’t a usual thing for me to go to an sexciting party, only dressed in erotic lingerie.

We walked up to the bar and ordered a drink, there are two floors and we looked down from the bar with an excellent view of the large bed in the middle of the dance floor. Later that night, there would be a lascivious, raunchy, sizzling show on and around this bed. The music was great on arrival and this level was maintained throughout the evening. More and more people trickled in, most people were on average between 30-35 years old, but there were certainly enough people there in their twenties and even up to fifty, all these beautiful people. My experience with these erotic parties is that everyone treats each other with respect, there is absolutely nothing done against your will. There is a very casual, slightly provocative, naughty atmosphere, which was perfectly combined with good music. Just the right setting for me to express my dearest hobbies dancing and flirting . This party is a true paradisal gem and I felt so totally at home.

I bumped into some people I knew, who instantly put a smile on my face with compliments about my lingerie and so on, delish! Then I cheekily approached two super-gorgeous women who were kissing each other passionately, intensely, stunningly...
I looked at them for a moment and felt utter lust rush through my body. I stepped closer, they put their arms around my shoulders to include me and the soft sweet fusion of tongues had now become a blend of three, a delectable meltingpot.

My boyfriend was having a good time too and newbees Anne and Maarten had the time of their lives. To my surprise, we came across Lieke from the gym, someone I never thought would be open to this sexy lifestyle. In the gym, Lieke is very focused and fired up to the max, but here she is relaxation itself and soon there was an undeniable, irresistible chemistry between us. As we chatted for a little while longer, she caressed my upper arm a little, her gaze on my magnificently framed bosom...before we knew it, the first soft sultry kiss followed. Oh, her lips! Her tongue! Her honey flavoured saliva, her perfect motions...I could never have imagined any connection like this with her.
Amazed by this outcome, I am always happy with my motto for life: "don't expect anything and you get a lot in return."

When we left, we received a goodie bag with a blindfold from Pleasurements and a travel bullet vibrator. So the fun was going to continue at home! With a smile on my face I think back to that sultry sexy night. Unfortunately I had to miss the 'smallest darkroom ever'. But that just means that I also have to go to the next edition of Big Little Secrets in September, I think the tickets are already available to be ordered...I'm going to have a look-see...

I can't wait, I am so looking foward to this, will you come with me?

Love, S.


Images: Pinterest & Pleasurements