Behind the golden drapes


I am sorry…you could say that I was a little too distracted, to update you on my naughty adventure, hunting for the perfect mask. When I wrote you last, I was on my way to the ‘Boutique des Masques’, apparently owned by a hunk of an Italian guy.

I arrived at the boutique and heard a bell chime on entering, indicating I had arrived to whom it may concern, but hopefully the shop owner himself … in the flesh. I was greeted by beautiful masks, with gorgeously refined filigree-like details. I looked around in awe…

Then I heard a sexy deep male “Hi there and welcome to my ‘Boutique des Masques', my name is Franco”. I looked up and I gave him a cheery “Hi, there”, while my mind said “Hi, stud!”. I told him that I was advised to visit his ‘Boutique des Masques', as I am looking for the perfect mask to wear to a themed party; The perfect mask, to go with my black & gold outfit.

He asked me to show him my outfit, so I took the sumptuous box containing the items, from 1 of my lovely bags I received at the lingerie boutique, opened the box and unfolded the silk paper wrapping. He said that I have wonderful taste while he bit his bottom lip. And added he would like to see the outfit on me, to best advise me of the perfect mask. So he lead me to a fitting room with its velvety dark golden drapes, I went in and he closed the drapes around me. Straight away my imagination took a little walk with me and I fantasized about him walking in on me, mid-undressing, helping me take my clothes off slowly, sexily… which provoked a tantalizing lust in me….and gave me a naughty idea!

I called out to him, asking him to assist me and he came right over, opened the drapes a little and gazed at me with his smoldering eyes. When his eyes met mine, I slowly ran my tongue across my lips a little and he took one step closer. The distance between us was a mere inch. He moved his right hand up to my cheek and said he could see an eyelash there and gently blew it away...and then...without any hesitation he started to kiss me with urge. He pressed me close against him and moved me up against the grand mirror in the fitting room, turned me around, kissed my neck, took off my bra, moved his warm hands all over my skin till I felt I was covered in goose bumps. With one knee, I kneeled on the dark golden poof, our motions became in sync, our bodies were speaking the same language…fluently...

I am not masked yet, but I wouldn't want to miss what was happening behind those sexy drapes….

I will be in here a delicious while, I think…

With Pleasure, Ms. P.