Erotic embroidery


Delectably Creative with Erotic Embroidery

In the creative world, you see this little sexy trend all over the globe now; Erotic Embroidery...
All you need is your fantasy, a pen or marker, a needle and thread, some fabric and an embroidery hoop, or something else that will be able to keep the fabric nice and taut.
Now you can start by drawing a few lines on fabric if you fancy a simple, minimalistic design, or if you're comfortable enough draw a more detailed image, depicting a sexy feminine pose or just erogenous parts of the body, like boobs, bum, mouth, tongue, legs etc.
Next you thread your needle and stitch the outlines of your drawn design.
To get some examples of what you want to go for, you could google "erotic embroidery" under the images tab or you can just feast your eyes on the little works of art by searching on 'erotic embroidery' in Pinterest.

Include your favorite erotic lingerie in your work of art

Why not? That'll be so much fun!
What about including the sexy bondagy lines of your favorite erotic lingerie label Bordelle?
Or maybe you prefer to go for something more lacy and challenging to embroider?
Like the sexy luxury lingerie by Coco de Mer for example...
Another idea might be to interweave your favorite love-style like good old-fashioned bondage, or the erotically knotty Shibari-style.

Whatever you do and desire, let your fantasy run wild, be creative and give it that sexy personal touch in your work of erotic art...


Images: by A.