New beauts


Very smoochable Erotic Lingerie

We've welcomed many beautiful lingerie collections already this season.
A very smoochable season!
Outside it's getting cooler, but here it's heavenly hot with all those classy, ​​sexy, high-end erotic lingerie items that you thought you could only dream of.

New Luxury lingerie items

In the meantime, some stunning new items are steadily dribbling in and thus a number of designer lingerie collections are already blissfully expanding…
The Inspiration Divine luxury lingerie collection by Maison Close for example; they just added a true gem of a suspender belt and the dress is an absolute beaut!
The Inspiration Divine collection? Yes, that is that beautiful new collection by Maison Close with another stunningly unique design and with those gloriously bold gilded crosses as clips and so on…
Yes, you really have to come and have a look-see, it genuinely is oh-so-lush!

Be especially tempted by the cutest lace socks by Maison Close; utter sexy sublimity for your exquisite feet …
And in addition to the items by Maison Close, there are of course even more luxury lingerie brands that have added some more beauts to their collections.


Images: Pleasurements