All you need is love and lube


The bottom line is

…We need love…
Without it, it would be so hard to cope with it all, we wouldn't be able to handle being in self-isolation for such a length of time, we wouldn't be able to deal as well with this pandemic, this Coronavirus.

Stress relief

Yes, we experience stress, anxiety, and whatnot.
What can we do about that?
Well, if you so happen to be self-quarantining with your lover, sex is a great stress-reliever!

tantalizing goodies

And in that department, next to love or any love-style on the erotic, luxury lingerie front, we can be of tantalizing assistance too…
Pleasurements has a very stimulating, arousing, enticing collection of stylish goodies to vivify your sexual escapades to the max.
From massage oil, finger play gel, chocolate body paint, lubrication to clitoral balm by brands like; Slow Sex by Bijoux Indiscrets, High on Love, 210th and Überlube.

There is no time like the present to order these decadent treats in our Pleasurements webshop, mes chéries!

And remember;

Stay safe
Stay home
Relief stress in the most sexy way…

With lots of love & lube,