Can i be of assistance?



He is playing one of his tantalizing games with me again. He makes me go somewhere, often a public place, with the instruction to put on something very daring. Or to take something off. Sometimes he gives precise instructions, sometimes only hints. I never know beforehand what he is up to. What I do know is, is that it always ends in fast, delicious, titillating sex.

Now he has ordered me to go to an exclusive department store, to the menswear section. I've been walking around for almost fifteen minutes, waiting, searching. Several shop assistants asked me: "Can I be of assistance?" Innocently smiling, I replied that I was just looking around. I don't see him anywhere. I attentively look at a rack with ties. I feel the tension in my body, my heart is pounding. I also feel a bit uncomfortable when being watched by the clerks. Thankfully, there're very few customers. Close by, a man, in his forties, not such a player-looking-type, with a clearly younger woman; a bit further on an older gentleman, impeccably dressed.

No bra, no panties, that was his assignment. I am wearing the Coco de Mer Paradiseus open playsuit under my tight black dress. The entire Paradiseus series is wonderfully erotic, and the playsuit is breathtakingly beautiful and sexy. Beautiful lace and silk, in a chic gray-blue hue, with partly open cups and a full open crotch. Maybe not exactly what he meant, but I am not wearing a bra or panties. He knows that I am a bit rebellious, stubborn…he likes that.

Suddenly I smell a hint of a familiar scent. His scent. I look around but still don't see him. Then I hear my phone buzzing. I hurriedly remove it from my bag and look at the screen: "fitting room". And below that a short assignment: 'dress off'. I can feel my heart in my throat, a tingling in my lower abdomen.

Slowly I walk to the fitting rooms a little further on. It feels like everyone is looking at me, wondering what I'm doing. I enter the rear fitting room, close the curtain and wait a few seconds. From under the closed curtain, my towering heels can be seen from outside, and part of my legs. With a bit of difficulty, I manage to loosen the zipper of my dress and take it off. I hang it off the hook on the wall. My heartbeat has accelerated considerably, the tension in my body is hard to bear.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, he is there. The curtain slides aside for a moment, and then he is standing in front of me, close to me. We don't waste any time on small talk. We kiss fervidly, greedily. His hands find my breasts, under the delicate lace of the playsuit. He grabs two handsful of soft femininity. I open his pants by just feeling around, impatiently. The tension, the fear of being caught. The lust, I want him, here.

My hand frees his hard manhood, warm and big. I can feel his fingers searching, between my legs, I am getting gooey, hot and wet. He pushes me up against the wall of the booth, I put one high heel on the small seat that sits against the side panel. His hand glides over my smooth stay-up stocking, tightly clamping my thigh. Hard and merciless and radiating steam from our utter lust, we take each other's bodies, seek satisfaction from our desires. Panting and while searching to hold on to something we give each other a moment of ecstasy.

Then it's over. As quickly as he came, he went away. As always. Only a warm glow and his scent linger around me. Still panting, a little shaky on my heels, I put on my dress again, I quickly fix my hair and my lipstick. When I leave the fitting room, a young woman in her forties looks at me with an expression of disbelief on her face.

I put a finger up to my lips, shhh, and wink at her. She smiles while I walk away.


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