Looking for a sexy dress, sheer dress, a lacquer or vinyl one, a fetish dress, a girdle dress, or a strappy bondage dress? Discover our very favorite, high-end erotic dresses by exclusive lingerie designers & erotic lingerie brands like Bordelle, Patrice Catanzaro, Murmur, Amoralle, Maison Close a.o.

Merida Mini Dress Burgundy
€ 259 Bordelle
Sophie Fringe Dress Black
€ 89 Escora
Merida Mini Dress Black
€ 259 Bordelle
Adjustable Angela Dress Ivory
€ 1019 Bordelle
Inessa Lace Gown Black
€ 249 Escora

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Jole Netting Dress Black
€ 99 Escora
Adjustable Angela Dress Black
€ 1019 Bordelle
Merida Mini Dress Light Blue
€ 259 Bordelle

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Jole Netting Dress White
€ 99 Escora

Your pupils will dilate, because of your uncontrollable desire to get your hands on this stunning collection of sexy dresses by the most excellent exclusive lingerie designers & erotic clothing brands like Bordelle, Patrice Catanzaro, Murmur, Amoralle, Maison Close and many others...

What are erotic dresses? Or what is a sexy dress?

We cater to every flavor, as much as we can, whether you love a see-through dress, a racy lacy one, mixed with dreamy tulle... Maybe you like a more edgy look in vinyl or lacquer, a fetish dress with an erotic touch. What about a delectable strappy bandage dress, for a bondage-inspired lingerie look. You'll probably be in this section for a little while, to pick the ultimate, most gorgeous erotic dress for yourself, because there're so many to choose! (You're allowed to select more than one dress though)

So don't keep yourself in suspense any longer and stroll through our erotic dresses, or maybe a bandage dress, lace dress, or see-through dress. And did you know a sexy dress is a perfect gift for your lovely lady to give in advance of your night out together? Girls never stop to love playing dress up. So spoil her with a sexy dress you'll both enjoy.

Every sexy dress is, of course, made from the finest materials and with loving, dedicated craftsmanship. And there is no need to hide these beauties behind the closed doors of your boudoir. You can gloriously strut your stuff outside the bedroom in an erotic dress from our collection, no problem. Wear one of our sexy dresses together with a gorgeous selection of our most exquisite exclusive lingerie, and you're so fabulously ready to steal the show...any show...