Erotic story by m.



I'm standing in front of my drawer filled to the brim with my lingerie, looking for something suitable to wear tonight.
You haven't told me where we're going, but you asked me to put on something nice. Something special.
I know all to well what you mean when you say that…

As always, I am having a hard time to choose something. The new set by Studio PIA, or the beautiful suspender top that you find oh so sexy…?
While I am trying to make up my mind I suddenly see something black, with straps and golden fastenings in the back of the drawer. The Gia bra from Bordelle.
I hold it up with a smile. It was the first gift you gave me, together with the webbed suspender. The very first of many sexy lingerie ensembles.
That was years ago now, and I realize that I have not worn it for a long time. After that very first set, many more exciting presents followed.
I know that the same bra is still a classic in its collection. In the same black, and in fiery red, innocent ivory and beautiful vintage caramel.

I still remember how I felt when I put on this bondage -like lingerie set for the first time. The straps, the shiny golden rings and clasps of the suspender belt.
The bold bra, the surprisingly low-cut cups.
It felt very powerful, sexy, super feminine and ever so audacious. At the same time, I was a bit insecure. I felt exposed…I felt tension, I was curious about your reaction. You were speechless.
You kept looking at my breasts with utter admiration, my long legs, the tight straps that stretched over my hips and tushy.
From what happened afterwards I only remember that it was pure lust, the eagerness, it was steaming hot and deeply satisfying.

I decide to put on the bra and webbed suspender, wondering if they will still fit me as well as back then.
The suspenders are quite snug around my hips; the black satin straps pulled taut around my contours.
The bra also feels a bit tight when I attach the back strap. I pull up the shoulder straps. It just fits me, and it doesn't feel uncomfortable. Tight, but not too much.
The quarter cups lift my natural bosom slightly, making my cleavage fuller. The straps that stretch over the curves of my breasts emphasizes them just this sexy little extra.
My hips have become slightly fuller, my breasts somewhat heavier since I wore this ensemble last.
You will probably think that it looks even better on me now, than back then.

I have found my outfit for tonight, I glance in the mirror. Now I am just looking for a nice harness thong and a pair of classy stockings to compliment it all. Black, for this apparently chic occasion.
I add a simple, but beautifully slimming tight pencil skirt. And after a moment of hesitation, I opt for a beautiful lace top by Amoralle.
Transparent enough to subtly show you what I am wearing underneath. Bold, yet stylishly dressed: perfect for tonight.
You love to show me off, all dressed up, chic and a smidge sexy. And I find it so exciting to be a bit provocative.

I wonder if later tonight you will be as speechless again as the first time I wore the beautiful lingerie set by Bordelle adorning my body.
And whether you will be as eager and aroused as you were back then.
I'm almost certain of it you will be.
It's time to go. I step into a pair of shiny black pumps with stiletto heels, take a final look in the mirror and hurry myself to the front door.


Images: Pleasurements