An erotic story by m.



One of your colleagues is having a party tonight, I think because of a promotion. I don't know most of the guests, but there is a nice ambiance. Good music, cocktails, well-dressed men, women in sexy dresses. I am wearing a striking cream-colored pantsuit: tight long pants, humongous high heels and a slim-cut jacket with a deep neckline. A perfect outfit to show off my new Eugenia bra by Coco de Mer. A beautiful burgundy quarter cup, with dark red velvet cups and a spectacular lace neckline. You don't know what I am wearing underneath my jacket yet, you only see the translucent lace that stretches over my bosom.

I enjoy the attention I am getting, the stealthy looks, and those open, cheeky ones. I don't dodge them, I play with them. You are secretly proud when you notice that my appearance is causing a stir. You continue your conversation, but I can see your eyes following me.

All of a sudden I feel your hand on my back, your breath in my neck. Your warm lips. You softly whisper in my ear that I look good. You introduce me to someone you were just talking to; I forgot his name immediately. You are a smooth talker, loosely, with humor. I see that you're also attracting attention. For example, from that beautiful dark woman who is standing a little further. Fortunately, I am not jealous. Well: not too much, I think.

I'm looking for the toilet. I re-apply my lipstick in front of the mirror, put my hair up again. I see the lace cleavage through which you can see just a hint of my skin. Suddenly, an exciting idea comes to my mind. I quickly unbutton my jacket, reveal my daring quarter cup bra, my full breasts, partly uncovered. I take my phone from my handbag and take a selfie in the mirror. I hastily write an app before I leave the toilet.

Back in the room, I notice you just looking at your phone. First I see the surprise on your face, then a smile. You look around until you see me. You type a message and my phone buzzes. On the screen, the words are lighting up: "Time to go home baby"

Fifteen minutes later the front door closes behind us. You can hardly restrain yourself. Hardly in the living room, I feel your hands on my hips, your body against my buttocks. Your aroused manhood feels big and hard. Your hands impatiently look for the buttons of my jacket, finding the lush lace of the bra, the soft curve of my breasts. My smooth nipples become hard between your fingertips. You're impatient and excited. I take off the jacket and help you undress.

When you are naked in front of me, I push you towards the armchair just behind you. I know very well what you want. I didn't send you that selfie for nothing. I tell you to sit down, I kneel between your spread legs and get your handsome stiff penis to glide between my almost naked breasts. I firmly push them together, indulging you with my in soft velvet and lush lace wrapped bosom. The muscles of your flat stomach are tight, your slim loins are making powerful motions. I know how much you love this. It does not take long before you start breathing faster and faster. A few moments later I feel you cumming with all the jolts and jerks.

I wait for a bit, let you revel the moment, then I get up. I loosen the hook and the zipper on my hip, lower my pants and reveal the burgundy open thong, my long legs, the shiny stay-up stockings that I wear. You follow all my movements, enjoying what you see. Your gaze drops from my natural bosom to the beautiful Eugenia thong that I wear, to my naked crotch.

I can see you getting aroused again.


Images: Pleasurements & Pinterest