Ethical lingerie in gold


Golden lines by Studio PIA

Do you already know the sustainable, ethical lingerie by studio PIA?
One of their erotic lingerie collections is called Clea and you may already know it intimately well in the colors red, black & ivory...
This strappy sustainable lingerie, delectably infused with Ahimsa silk is a ravishing beauty that accentuates feminine curves mightily beautiful and at her sexiest.
And this collection by Studio PIA now has a blissful addition in lush gold!

Sustainable lingerie to embrace

With a phenomenal design aesthetic, organic silk, 24K gold-plated hardware and a delightful erotic lingerie look, Studio PIA's sustainable, ethical lingerie is what most seductive dreams are made of.
Downright sexy, sustainable, irresistible, superb erotic lingerie by Studio PIA to lovingly embrace!
And this golden version of the Clea collection is of course now also available at Pleasurements...