Glimpse of lingerie


Wearing my jacket, with nothing but lingerie hiding underneath, I strolled up to the doorman of the apartment building and explained why I am here. Well I didn’t tell him all, just the ‘need to know’ details. He looked me up and down a bit and I could see his eyes wander to the straps of my Bordelle bra, then they veered to my plunging neckline, I noticed the corners of his mouth curling up the way.

He showed me the way to the reception desk and told me to ask for Lucien. Then the clerk will announce my arrival to my mystery photographer with his ambrosial smile….

The gentleman behind the reception desk, called up to apartment 69 G and I could hear him telling the person on the other side of the line, that Ms. Pleasurements from across the street has made her arrival. Then he showed me the way to the elevator.

I sashayed towards the elevator doors while adjusting my bra straps and smoothing my stockings, giving the desk clerk a glimpse of my motions and an obvious view of my lingerie. With every move I made he could even see my firm tushy in my Bordelle panties peeking through the split at the back of my coat…..

Looking back at him over my shoulder, I could see a glint in his eyes and the corners of his mouth were curved north. He seemed very happy with the view and it contented me greatly. I could hear myself think how handsome the people attached to this apartment building are….the photographer, the doorman & the desk clerk.

Then I pressed the button next to the elevator and the doors opened…. ‘Breakfast’ will soon be served!

With Pleasure, Ms. P.