Delectable erotic lingerie


Mirror Mirror on the Wall ...

...What is the lushest erotic lingerie of all?
Erotic lingerie is delightfully beautiful, enchantingly so even...
It's not just about how you feel in it, it's also about how beautifully it reflects in the mirror, which makes you shine even more brightly with sensual feminine magnificence.
With designer lingerie in the erotic lingerie dimension you celebrate your body and yourself with sublime sexy verve.
Is it the materials used in erotic lingerie?
Is it the design?

High-End Erotic Lingerie

Whether made of magnificently delicate lace, silk or satin, it must be sublimely designed and crafted to meet that chic exclusivity and quality.
Pleasurements excels in this area; They know better than anyone how to separate the wheat from the erotic lingerie -chaff.
At Pleasurements you will only find the most coveted high-end lingerie labels.
And their chicest, sexiest erotic lingerie and ready-to-wear collection includes brands such as Bordelle, Maison Close, Studio PIA, Jolidon, Escora, Patrice Catanzaro, Ludique, the Model Traitor, Tisja Damen, Coco de Mer and so much more...

Come, wander through this sumptuous erotic lingerie -realm of Pleasurements, indulge yourself, be this delectable woman dripping with high-end sensuality...