Purrrfect merida by bordelle


Bordelle, blissfully versatile erotic lingerie

Anyone who already knows Bordelle, knows all too well that you don't hide this bondage lingerie under layers of clothing.
You love to show off this high-end lingerie and wear it purrrfectly with your outerwear or even as outerwear.
Bordelle's Merida collection is also perfect as lingerie-inspired outerwear…

Combine this luxurious lingerie by Bordelle

And then there was the Merida collection from Bordelle…
A beautiful extensive erotic lingerie line, with its signature straps and 24K gold hardware.
In this luxurious lingerie collection, you will also find, for example, the transparent mini dress in blissful black, beautiful burgundy and sensual light blue. This dress is wonderful to wear with not only the beautiful bondage lingerie from the Merida collection but also, for example, with the Botanica collection by Bordelle.

Show your straps

We all know by now that the erotic bondage lingerie by Bordelle is the most beautiful strappy lingerie ever…
Her straps are a bold, but a classy statement, next to the holy strappiness, we've got the 24K gold hardware, which sparkles to your heart's content.
It is designer lingerie that is purrrfect to show off, not only to your admirers but the rest of the chic world as well.
Show all those beautiful elastic satin straps and work that gorgeous play of lines of all Bordelle collections from underneath your outerwear and that also fabulously applies for the erotic lingerie from the Merida collection by Bordelle!

Wear your luxury lingerie as outerwear, let it and yourself shine purrrfectly with sublime devotion...