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Coco de Mer

Fans of chic, erotic lingerie and BDSM accessories probably already know the high-end lingerie label Coco de Mer very well, with their intimate luxury and utterly seductive array of products…
Everything by Coco de Mer appeals to the erotic imagination with striking, but defo super-feminine class.
Coco de Mer is a lingerie-aphrodisiac in every way; whether it's the signature chocolate brown with golden packaging and sexy accessories or that wonderful nod to nostalgic glamour of bygone times in their erotic, luxury lingerie lines…
Everything by this erotic lingerie label is a feast for the eyes.

And Coco de Mer spoils us on a regular basis with new luxury lingerie collections and accessories, like with the Shobu playsuit

The Shobu Playsuit by Coco de Mer

It might be intriguing to know that Coco de Mer is now playing with a Japanese angle in terms of design, but also in terms of names for their lines when it comes to their latest erotic lingerie collections.
The Shobu playsuit is one of these fabulous japanese-y influenced items.
We're talking about a beautiful playsuit, composed of black velvet, wax-coated embroidery, with Japanese allure.
The Shobu playsuit, frames your sexy body in all the right places, gives your exquisite bosom the most opulent stage and with her open briefs at the back, she lets your gloriously gorgeous tushy steal the show in the boudoir…

Oh yes! Almost forgot to mention that Shobu means as much as 'game' in Japanese, so 'game on', ladies and play…but then in the most sublime, sensual, erotic way…

The Shobu playsuit is yearning to be worn by you and is now available at Pleasurements!

With lots of love & sexy playfulness,