Lingerie shop amsterdam


A candy shop filled with erotic lingerie

You'll find yourself in a designer lingerie oasis, an honest to god treat for your eyes…
Erotic lingerie and not just any erotic lingerie, we mean couture, by high-end luxury lingerie brands.
It' deliciously cushy here and the customer is absolutely king! Or queen of course…
Majestic, plush, classy & cool.
A boutique with picturesque allure and just the right touch of glamour.

Luxury lingerie & erotic clothing

We just know you want to be here, surrounded by everything that makes up your love for beautiful lingerie.
And not just 'beautiful', like; "yes, that's pretty nice yes". No, no, we mean seriously beautiful lingerie that will make your heart sing and make your body rejoice with pleasure.

Here at the House of Pleasurements, we only select the most luxurious erotic lingerie & erotic clothing for you.
We are so incredibly passionate about it ourselves, you see…
A delicious infatuation!

In addition to all those chic boudoir-worthy designer lingerie, we also love lush, cool & uber-sexy erotic clothing.
And we love clothes that are versatile.
We for example have many erotic clothing items that you can also wear as outerwear in the most perfectly stunning way.

Luxury Lingerie Shop Amsterdam

If you are a true designer lingerie treasure hunter, then you will want to check out our boutique, this gorgeous lingerie shop in Amsterdam, you will be welcomed with open arms.
We've got this crazy craving to fulfill any of your luxury, designer lingerie & erotic clothing desires…

The "House of Pleasurements" can be found in one of the chicest shopping streets in Amsterdam.
This true luxury, designer lingerie bliss is located on the Herenstraat 29 in Amsterdam and is open from Monday 12.00 to 18.00 and then from Tuesday through to Saturday from 10.00 to 18.00.

Lots of love, luxury lingerie & erotic clothing,


Images: Pleasurements