On the menu: delicious broom closet shenanigans


I hung up my beautiful new outfit for the “Fête De Folie Masqué” tomorrow. And the mask, I hung next to my pony ears on the other corner of the mirror. Now it’s time for a little dinner. I dressed myself in a little comfortable but quite oohlala evening ensemble. I was wearing a little black leather skirt from Pretty Wild, a leather and lace body and a glam golden Poncho from PilyQ.

There is a fantastic top class little restaurant right around the corner from my apartment building. The food is delish and the service too for that matter. I think it even has a Michelin Star.

They hired this new yummy guy about a month ago, sexy green eyes, very suave, luscious black hair...handsome.

I ordered scallops for starters and of course the yummy guy brought it over. My main course was a succulent bit of ostrich on a bed of something or another...it was delicious!

Then the yummy guy brought over the menu again, for me to have a look at the desserts. But my dessert won’t be on the actual menu card... When I took the menu from him, I slipped him a little note and gazed up at his eyes… My eyes were met and he bit his lip. Which basically means that I will see him in the broom closet near the toilets in 20 minutes.

5 minutes before broom closet time, I went to the toilet and checked myself in the mirror, straightened my outfit and gave myself a wink.

Without being seen, I went into the broom closet and switched the light on. I heard a rhythmic tap on the door and it opened a smidgen, then he waltzed in, grabbed my head and kissed me hard.

I took off my poncho and he moved his hands all over my bottom, then he tried to find the edge of the skirt and rode it up high. He swung me around and I held onto the shelving units, while he undid the buttons of my body. His hand was gentle down there, lovely and warm. Maybe it was the anticipation, maybe it was magic, a man never made me climax that quick before! My whole body vibrated. He unzipped his pants and while I could feel his hot breath in my neck, I felt a thrust from something undeniably big! It fitted perfectly… He picked up speed and his breathing was getting faster and faster… He had a good hold of one of my boobies and the other hand was tenderly cupping the front of my vulva. And then….the grand finale...or “the last spoonful of my dessert”.

We lingered a bit and he kissed my shoulders, my neck, flipped me around and kissed me with utter passion. He did make me weak in my knees and when that happens, you ask the man’s name. His name is Therron...a definite new candidate to add to my little book of delights.

After cleaning ourselves up, a few more quite tender kisses, I went back to my table and asked for the check.

And I made sure to leave a substantial tip….

With pleasure, Ms. P.