An ode to the open bra


Erotic Lingerie and her Open Bra

Beautiful, bold, romantic, bondage-chic, erotic lingerie…
In the past, an erotic lingerie collection might only have consisted of a few types of bras, a brief or a thong & lingerie suspenders.
Nowadays we can fabulously flesh out an erotic lingerie ensemble with so many more types of briefs and bras…
For glorious example, with a blissfully lustful Open Bra.
What is an Open Bra?
An Open Bra is a sexy phenomenon for your breasts, allowing your bosom to sublimely steal the show; Fully cupless or a subtle quarter cup, with straps & fabrics that frames your chest with greatest luster.

An Open Bra gives your erotic lingerie ensemble a lusty drizzle of sauciness that oozes utter erotic allurement…

An Open Bra as an erotic enchantment

High-end lingerie that wraps you from head to toe in the lushest, sensationally sensual fabrics, straps & shimmering hardware with the most stunning design aesthetics…
And as an ambrosial cherry on the cake, you add that erotic lushness of an Open Bra.
It's that nice little trick; a tuft of erotic lingerie that not only indulges yourself, but also completely embraces, conquers and enchants your lover.

An Open Bra is a little masterpiece of the erotic lingerie genre; It's that cherry on top and a divine, superbly sexy pièce de resistance for your scrumptious bedazzling bosom…

TIP: An Open Bra can, of course, be magnificently combined with those blissfully sexy pasties & nipplets!


Images: Pleasurements