It's starting to look a lot like a 'see-through dress'- christmas


A See-through dress will make your erotic lingerie outfit

Ooh, you bought that sumptuous erotic lingerie outfit to wear for Christmas then?
But, what to do now? You still want your beau to be able to unpeel that appealing package of yours at Christmas?
Wehell...why not wear a luxuriously gorgeous see-through dress over your erotic lingerie!?

A different but ultra-sexy Christmas!

If there is any time to go all out at Christmas, it will be this years' Christmas...
This year has proven to be quite a revelationary one when it comes to love, relationships, and sex.
With being maybe/kinda forced to be together for a more lengthy time than we used to, a lot of couples will have been eager to finetune the time to rekindle that love-fire with and for our lover...

See-through dresses will make your Sexy Christmas whole!

Well, couldn't Christmas be the most wonderful time of the year after all, with you all dolled up for a mean, never lean, scrumptious loving sesh in the boudoir?
And when wearing that delectable erotic lingerie Christmas-ensemble celebrating your body, you could just put the cherry on top with a divine little or a more lavish see-through dress...
You could even look at it as gorgeous Christmassy gift-wrapping.
And it'll be something delicious to unpeel for your lover...or...well...for your Santa?

How ever you want to celebrate and have a sexy merry Christmas, that delicious see-through dress and that sublime erotic lingerie you can of course find at Pleasurements online or in their lingerie shop in Amsterdam.

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