Sensual fairy tales by tisja damen


Once upon a time…

…there was a young dame, Tisja Damen, with a perfect passion for lingerie, soulful blissful creativity and ravishing romance in the heart.
She creates and designs, delicious design after design, collection after collection, with lacy racy edges, seductive straps, sublime like sensual fairy tales!

Tisja Damen's sexy, romantic, erotic lingerie is handmade in Europe in a sustainable way, with 24-carat golden details for a luxurious, sensationally sensual look.
Beautifully embroidered lace, together with all her unparalleled lavish designs ensuring a very exclusive lingerie look that fabulously comes into its own behind the closed doors of an intimate, romantic evening & night with your loved one…
…However, many, oh so many of her luxury lingerie items are absolutely luscious to wear together with your outerwear for an impeccable, stunning, lingerie-inspired look! Combine, blend, mix and match to your heart's content!

Tisja Damen recently delighted us yet again with a divine epiphany of new heavenly delights, magically enticing collections with sexy allure, each with uniquely embroidered lace, each with Tisja Damen's illustrious design aesthetic…
These new, enchanting, luxury lingerie fairy tales include:

o The beautiful Poetica in ivory & the blissful black Sphinx o
o Creamy dreamy ivory Melody, sultry black Gaea & the lusty Gaia in burgundy o

Then…then a heroic, powerful, bold, erotically fabulous twist entered the scene and Tisja Damen also created a mesmerizing, enthralling mesh story for us too…

o Fiery red Spirit saw the light of day, flanked by the sultry black Myth, both with a delectable, retro wink o

Fabulous Tisja Damen, you make us believe in magnificently sensual fairy tales again and full of enchantment, we envelop and immerse ourselves in your lingerie story.

The latest fairy tales by Tisja Damen, her latest collections are now available to order in the Pleasurements webshop and at the 'House of Pleasurements' lingerie boutique on Herenstraat…thé lingerie shop of Amsterdam.