The party~an erotic story by m.


Tonight I'm going to an erotic party with a friend. Not for the first time, but it will be the first time with her.
Since the last evening we spent together, just the two of us at her house, she's been a 'special' girlfriend.
A friend with benefits.
I look forward to all the excitement, the ogling and flirting, the dancing, the ecstasy.

It's warm inside, the D.J. fills the space with pulsating sounds. There's alcohol, the scent of sweet perfume mixed with sweat.
We're moving into a deafening whirl amongst dancing bodies. Surrounded by young, tight girls and mature women proudly showing off all their curves. In sexy lingerie and dresses, some are almost naked.
We watch, are being watched. I cast a sultry look at a beautiful man with a slender, muscular torso.
She sees it and laughs, says something in my ear that I only half understand because of the music.
We drink, dance, savor the moment.

I carefully choose a tasteful, sexy outfit.
The Grid open bra from Bordelle, with a translucent Liaison Fatale bralette from Maison Close.
Risqué, but still somewhat covered. I am wearing the Meteorite pencil skirt by E.L.F. Zhou London. The delicate lace shows a lot of leg, but still conceals enough. With beautiful stiletto heels, of course.
She went for a sleek black dress, the Prison dress from Murmur. Short, lots of décolleté, and open at the side. She clearly isn't wearing anything underneath.
Spicy, but with her tight, trained body she can handle it magnificently. On her super high platform heels she doesn't look much smaller than me.
And for an extra mysterious touch we both wear a Venetian mask.

She's dancing close to me now. I feel her firm, slender body, her hands on my back, her nimble fingers.
A few seconds later she's holding something black in her hand; teasingly she holds it up for me.
My black bralette. She slips my bra into the cleavage of her tight dress with a naughty smile.
I am shocked, I realize that suddenly I am almost topless. She comes closer and lifts my soft breasts until they are full and round.
Her mouth forms a sound, inaudible due to the overwhelming volume of the music: "Wow!", I see her say.
I also see that the handsome man with the muscular torso is enjoying the view.

I put my hands on her hips, kiss her full on her mouth. Tasting her blood-red, sweet lips.
With my mouth to her ear I say: "…Let's find a quieter spot…" I take her by the hand and pull her along with me, braving curious eyes.
We find a lounge sofa in a half-darkened area, on the edge of the large room. We're not alone: I notice kissing couples making love all around us.

She rests her slender body against my soft curves. Under the tight dress I feel her small, round breasts, her beautiful firm buttocks.
Near my ear, she encourages me to raise my skirt. She looks at me, puts two fingers in her mouth, and makes her hand disappear between my soft thighs.
My Bordelle string is not a barrier for her slender and agile fingers.
The music seems to fade into a distant rhythmic beat, the heat glowing through my body.
I lean back, raise my arms above my head.
I surrender.


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