Thinking of lingerie I lie here on my bed.
Lace and silk come to mind.
I think of the forms, anything but pious…
Erotic lingerie.
The colors, sweet, bold, the thickness of the elastic straps of suspenders.
I stop for a moment and linger on the word suspenders, the appearance of suspenders and how they embrace the hips and thighs so gorgeously sexy.

I am still lying naked on my bed here and in my mind, I look for 'erotic lingerie' on my laptop screen.
I search, open the search bar, type and enter the new search terms…
I also think I want to go to a physical shop, a boutique here in Amsterdam and so my next entry is 'lingerie Amsterdam' and also 'lingerie store Amsterdam'…
Pleasurements! Wonderful, we are going there …

So, I am still lying on my bed, nude, under a thin sheet, wondering what I will wear to then go out and add to my erotic lingerie arsenal.
Thinking of what seductiveness I will wear today, but also something easy for you to access, to get to my naked skin, curves, hills of softness and my orifices…
Pleasant shockwaves pull through my body at the thought of your warm hands caressing my body, kiss my bosom, still framed with a fabulous open bra.
Fingers under straps, the straps of my briefs, the straps of my suspenders, the straps of my bra…
Is it blue? Is this erotic lingerie blue perhaps? Maybe deep green, so beautiful and sexy…red possibly! Ah red!
No, I think it will be purple, purple lingerie it will be.

But, hold on, my thought slid away for a moment, away from the pleasant shudder I just felt, with that yearning for his kisses and his touch…
There it is again, I feel it and I quickly dive further under my thin sheet…my hands glide over my body, my nipples, now hard.
I don't beat about the bush any longer and aroused I find my little pleasure -dome, my rosebud down there and I let my fingers do the work.
With my eyes closed, I now see naked bodies, entwined, condensation, sweat, gleaming masculinity, erotic movements, moans…almost audible, tangible, palpable.
So rousing…
My sheet flaps against my right hand a little faster now, the hand is busy transcending me to higher spheres…I am almost there!
My heart is thumping hard against my bosom, my hard nipples rub against the sheet, I hear little sounds escaping from my lips, faster and faster, on the very verge, I balance for a sec and then I peak…

So I'm lying here on my bed, melting now, letting myself be naked for just a little longer.
I will gather myself together in a minute and will turn my lingerie thoughts into reality, I'll soon be on my merry way hunting for smoldering, sizzling erotic lingerie…

~ * ~

Images: Pinterest & Pleasurements

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