Corsets & Waspies

Corsets & Waspies

Accentuate your curves and create an enchanting silhouette with the most beautiful corsets and wass of exclusive lingerie brands and high-end lingerie designers.

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  1. weekender Waspie Black


    weekender Waspie Black
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  2. Adjustable Classic Waspie Ivory
    Designer:Bordelle Adjustable Classic Waspie Ivory
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  3. Adjustable Classic Waspie Caramel
    Designer:Bordelle Adjustable Classic Waspie Caramel
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  4. Secure Suspender Belt Red


    Secure Suspender Belt Red
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  5. Adjustable Classic Waspie Red
    Designer:Bordelle Adjustable Classic Waspie Red
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  6. Chambre Noir Waspie Black
    Designer:Maison Close Chambre Noir Waspie Black
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Are you dreaming of accentuating your curves in the most magnificent way possible? We've got the most exquisite erotic corsets & waspies from the most exclusive lingerie designers for you, and they are like a dream.

Every beautiful waist deserves to be adorned, accentuated, celebrated. Wearing a corset, waspie, or waist belt does this. So shape that desirable hourglass silhouette with satin elastic straps, lace, faux leather, patent leather, 24k gold plated hardware. Almost all waspies feature adjustable straps to ensure a perfect fit for all sexy curves.

Match your waspie or erotic corset with your luxury lingerie to lift your look to a higher level of seduction. Choose a timeless classic design to mix and match endlessly, or fall in love with seasonal fashion collections by high-end lingerie designers. The classic waist belts serve perfectly for your outerwear as well, so that you can give a little hint of the pleasures underneath.

Would you like something lacy? Leather perhaps? Or do you prefer the highly stylish, strappy, bondage lingerie look by Bordelle? Bordelle's Waspie is a sexy classic, and it's highly versatile! Wear it in the boudoir, as suspenders or outside the bedroom to a party as a mini skirt. Next to the gorgeous highly sexy items of exclusive lingerie designer, Bordelle, there are other very carefully selected corsets & waspies to choose from. Erotic corsets & Waspies by erotic lingerie brands with big names like Bordelle, Maison Close, and Patrice Catanzaro. Realize and accentuate that ultra-beautiful hourglass figure, feel sexy with curvy luxury class.