Peace & love


You want to know a little about the true beauty of Peace silk?

Ahimsa, everyone

Ahimsa means 'respect for all living things' in Hindi.
A very peaceful Buddhist thought and that goes perfectly with the way we need to move forward in this world.
Ahimsi is also the right word to combine with sustainable, organic, biological materials…
And it's an excellent word for the gorgeous cruelty-free silk called Ahimsa silk, Peace silk or Eco silk…

Ahimsa, everyone!

How is Peace silk produced?

Peace silk is preferably made from the cocoons of the pupae of the Bombyx Mori Moth.
When they are still in their silkworm (caterpillars) -form they continuously feed on Mulberry leaves (they are attracted to the Jasmin-like fragrance of the Mulberry leaves) till they are ready for their metamorphoses.

The silkworm makes a cocoon to wrap itself into when it goes to mature and grow some fab wings.
To become a Bombyx Mori Moth, the silkworm exudes fluids through their head glands, which is the actual raw silk and sericin (bonding gum).
Upon contact with the air, the substances harden which forms the basic silk material we love so much.
The silkworm oozes out the fibroin continuously for about 1,000 yards, forming an oval nest or cocoon.

And the silk cocoons, earns the spotlight in this story of silk-making.

One of the Peace silk ways is to gather the silk cocoons, only after the pupae of the silkworm has revamped into its winged moth-form and has left the cocoon to taste utter freedom.
Then the empty cocoons are processed, spun and woven into the divine, beautiful silk fabric.
It's a laborious job, but done with love and in proper fair-trade fashion.

Peace Silk Lingerie

Studio PIA, is one of the sexiest, designer lingerie brands who loves to incorporate only eco, sustainable materials in their beautiful lingerie.
And when using silk, which they often do, they only use Peace silk.
All the other materials they use, are also sustainable and super fair.
And guess what? Their lingerie designs are stunning, edgy, bold with a good sexy heart…


Images: Pleasurements & Pinterest