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Erotic clothing, ethnically made by top designers like Bordelle, Murmur, Maison Close, Ludique, Patrice Catanzaro, and our very own Pleasurements brand. Our erotic clothing collection is classy and perfect for a hot & steamy night... in or out.

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Welcome to our exclusive collection of erotic clothing. At Pleasurements, we take pleasure in indulging you with the most exquisite fashion that oozes eroticism but always with the class and luxury you are used from Pleasurements. 

For those who are new to erotic clothing, this type of clothing might need a little extra explanation...

What is erotic clothing?

Erotic clothing varies from bondage clothing to see-through clothing and from fetish wear to kinky clothing. Whether you are new to erotic clothing or you well know your way around our irresistible collections, there is a perfect showpiece for every harts desire. Please take a look at our bandage dresses, see-through dresses, ouvert bodies, strappy playsuits, kinky catsuits, open skirts, cupless tops, bondage wear, and many, many more.

When or how do I wear erotic clothing?

Erotic clothing knows how to set the tone in the boudoir. Drive your beloved mad with desire when you bring a sexy evening to an even hotter ending. But why only keep our erotic fashion inside when you can flaunt it beyond as well. Pleasurements' erotic dresses, skirts, and bodies are the perfect dress code for a sexy club night or erotic party. You can combine your clothing with erotic lingerie for a more dressed look or provoke with nothing underneath. 

Owner Rebecca herself carefully handpicks the Pleasurements erotic clothing collection. She is always in search of the most exceptional erotic clothing designs. Each garment must be designed to flatter the best parts of the female body. Discover her selection of exquisite erotic clothing by top designers like Bordelle, Amoralle, Maison Close, Murmur, Patrice Catanzaro, and Impudique by Catanzaro. If you love our erotic clothing collection, have a look at our equally stunning bondage clothing, a.k.a. bondage wear or erotic underwear from our erotic lingerie selection.

Did you find something beautiful? What a party! We wish you lots of pleasure...