Come on, let's start this wonderful new year with something tasty …
…with a cookbook for example, a very sexy cookbook, one which is quite a concept on a variety of delicious levels, not just in the kitchen, but also in the boudoir.
"Huh ?! What ?!"
Yes indeed, this book is quite a concept and has been for a pretty & deliciously long while already… ever since 1997.

It's called, with a ambrosial dose of naughty ambiguity, 'Intercourses' and the sequel is called 'The New: Intercourses'.
Chock-full of delicious, aphrodisiac, lust inducing recipes to provoke a titillating night…

This cookbook is a feast for all the senses and a delectable delight for the eye too!
Ravishing, beautiful sensual photographs, of lush bare bodies in combination with delicious ingredients grace the pages of this book…


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