New venetian masks, for a thrilling night out or masquerade

The Pleasurements mask collection has recently been supplemented with new stock and new models. Do you have an Eyes Wide Shut party, masquerade or an enchanting evening planned soon? Make sure to look sensual and mysterious in one of my magnificent sexy venetian masks. The venetian masks are handmade in Venice and are so comfortable, without irritating the skin. The masks are mostly flexible and therefore adapt perfectly to the shape of your face. Did you take a glance at our white venetian mask? Isn't this just the ultimate wedding gift, for a sensational wedding night? Or for a thrilling wedding party?
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    The Pleasurements boutique is open again! It's a pleasure to welcome you back to our House of Pleasurements. It is also still possible to exclusively book an private appointment. With pleasure, Rebecca & the ladies of Pleasurements