...When the day was done and Gio and I said our goodbyes, I went home. On my way I had spoken to Lucien on the phone again, to get a little more detail on his flight-schedule for tomorrow night. And I then made one more call regarding the Star Alliance lounge and to make sure that we have access.

All was set!

In my mind I was now already dressing myself for tomorrow night when I pick up Lucien from the airport. So I went into my walk-in-closet and opened up a few drawers to expose my lingerie. Then I proceeded to open my wardrobe for a sexy something or another I could wear over it…. What about some Chantal Thomass? But then again, Lucien would just come back from a Chantal Thomass shoot, otherwise I would wear my scrumptious Capricieuse bra & thong. Hmmm and what about a little Lascivious? The gorgeous Kitty bra & briefs maybe? But I also have my rather sexy Kaotic dress from Peter Domenie, with a halter neck in mind, so that might not work together tomorrow night… Oh! I know! If I am wearing my sexy Kaotic dress, I could wear my Fleur of England ensemble with its beautiful racer back! It will be such a beautiful feature with my open back dress! The detail of the lace in the middle of the racerback, of this Fleur of England bralette is absolutely stunning! I tried it all on, together with a pair of nude, back seamed stay-ups from Agent Provocateur. I stood in front of my full length mirror and checked myself out, wiggling my tushy from side to side. I must admit that I loved my reflection in the mirror…irresistibly sexy, but still sophisticated! I undressed, hung up my ensemble and got myself ready for bed.

When I slipped between my smooth satin sheets, I started to fantasize about tomorrow night, which lead to an erotic dream…

I woke up, rather aroused, about 3 and I rewound the images of my dream, which made my hands wander to my nether regions… I could not only visualize my dream, I could actually feel all of it and it was swollen...huge… Moisture dribbled from both pair of my lips. My fingers caressed my labia and I increased the pressure slightly, circling the front of my vulva faster and faster… Eyes closed, mouth half open, a big gasp followed… My body tingled as it had started to relax again, which sent me right back to my slumber…


With Pleasure, Ms. P.

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