I know it is never easy for a lady to choose her weapon of choice if it comes to shoes, but I had a stunning pair in mind. I wanted to get my hands on a pair of golden Chanel peep toe’s with a pearl in the heel. Very feminine, very alluring, very refined. These will go perfectly with my outfit and with a pair of my fancier stockings, you know the ones? The ones with the back seams.

While I was strolling down the avenue towards the Chanel boutique, my mind wandered and I was vividly picturing how the masquerade ball was going to unravel.

On arriving at the gala, I could see myself smiling at the glistening crowd and then I found myself homing in on this one guy who looked like the one I had conversed with at a previous do. I strolled up to him in slow motion and from behind his mask, I could see his eyes finding mine. He held my gaze while I was approaching and the corners of his mouth curled up the way. When I was only a few inches removed from him I halted, tilted my left hip a little into a sexy pose and parted my lips to give him a “hello there”, “and thus, we meet again”! A hoarse chuckle escaped him and he took a step closer. He looked me up and down and I could hear a ‘wow!’ from underneath his breath. Then he flung his arm around my waist and let his hand slide over my tushy, riding my wee dress up, revealing the smooth fleshy parts above my stockings….

My lil’ daydream was interrupted when I arrived at my destination…. the Chanel Boutique.

My pretty chaussures are calling me...time for my tootsies to be spoiled!

With Pleasure, Ms. P.

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